Local Team.
National Coverage.
Global Aim.

Whilst our headquarters are located in the fourth largest metropolitan city in the United States: Houston, Texas. We have coverage in the four continental regions of America, from the West Coast, to the North-east. Our aim for the next couple months is to expand even further into new states and new markets by adding another branch in the West Coast; San Diego; A new expansion into the yet unexplored Rocky Mountains; Chattanooga, Tennessee; And another addition in Austin, Texas. While this are our national goals, we also have international goals. We plan to expand into the United Kingdom within the next three years.


Why Houston?

Emson Global was founded in the Bay Area of California, where Founder & CEO, Erik Emanuelsson decided to provided a service to the never-ending need for marketing services. During his first year, one of his clients, Xfinity, needed coverage in a new market in the Wasatch Range: Salt Lake City. Erik and a team of hard-working professionals decided to take onto the challenge, thus completing the first expansion for Emson. As time progressed, so did our reputation. Emson decided to expand its Headquarters to the City of Houston after several months of research and exploring multiple markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, we decided that Houston offered both, the professional talent to support our growth, and the perfect timezone to balance our management from East to West. Our goals are big for this market, and our plans are to cover every major big city in the United States and subsequently the rest of the world.


Meet Erik Emanuelsson

CEO | Emson Global

I'm originally from Sweden. Before starting my career in sales, I was a professional athlete, played soccer for all 4 years of college in the US. I grew up in a small town outside the big city, always hanging out with friends playing soccer. One of my best qualities is my orientation towards goals, I always strive to be number 1 at whatever I put my mind to. I worked multiple jobs in college to help support myself. I describe myself as an extremely family-oriented individual, though it comes from culture. What got me started in this industry was the opportunity to become an entrepreneur in a competitive environment, seeing everyone in the industry always pushing to beat records really made me learn more about it. Another reason was the possibility to make a lot of money. My goal is to drive Emson Global to an international scale and be able to manage people in multiple countries.